Yearbook & Prospectus

Yearbook & Prospectus


The Yearbook and Prospectus committee creates and distributes the annual student agenda and yearbook for Sauder students, to achieve two main goals of helping students to stay balanced with their academic and personal life, and to maintain a strong relationship with Sauder grads. From designing layouts to touching up photos and polishing write-ups, the end results are two most useful and memorable publications which contain the Sauder community’s highlights throughout the school semesters!

Upcoming Involvement Opportunities

Yearbook & Prospectus aims to assemble a passionate team of graphic designers. While the expectation is to produce high-quality work, support and training will be provided in a collaborative environment. We aim to hire several individuals under two positions:

– Digital Design Directors: The mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell, but you’ll be the powerhouse of our team. In this role, you will be churning out masterpiece after masterpiece throughout the year. By the end of the term, you’ll have produced a gorgeous yearbook that will last for decades.

– External Relations Directors: Romeo and Juliet died as star-crossed lovers because they had terrible communication skills. Your job is to prevent tragedy to occur by connecting the dots with your incredible administrative prowess! Your primary role requires you to liaise with the multiple parties involved with the making of our projects; this includes but is not limited to faculty staff, the student body, and team, Artona, and publishers.

Stay updated on social media

We are a service under CUS directly and currently do not have any social media platform. Please redirect to CUS FB page and website.

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