UBC BizChina Club

UBC BizChina Club


Founded in 2011, UBC BizChina puts its emphasis on organizing corporate presentations,
networking sessions, and large-scale conferences to benefit students of all backgrounds.
Named the CUS Top Small Club in 2018 and hosting the first-ever UBC China Forum in
2019, we strive to become a bridge between the East and the West to exchange successful
business ideas as well as be the ideal platform for Sino-Canadian business collaboration.
Our central objective is to nurture and empower the leaders of tomorrow.

Upcoming Involvement Opportunities

The 2021 UBC China Forum will be held from March 19-22 as a four-day online conference featuring four industry-specific panels, including E-Commerce, Ventures, Technology, and International Relations. With the theme of ‘Resilience and Reinvention,’ the forum will be a convocation of aspiring students, professionals, and scholars from both countries to discuss the present and future of China’s socio-economic development and its interaction with Canada.

The 2019 UBC China Forum’s acclaimed speakers came from all walks of life and were the best in their fields. For the 2021 UBC China Forum, students and attendees will have an even better opportunity to learn from world-class leaders and experts as they share their journeys online. Please click https://forms.gle/koiS67kLXj5UU86LA to sign up as a member and RSVP for the 2021 UBC China Forum for free!

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WeChat (微信公众号): UBC中商社 

Weibo (微博): UBC峰会论坛

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