Executive Mentorship Program

Executive Mentorship Program


Executive Mentorship Program is a CUS service that is meant to help students connect with working professionals and allow these working professionals to become the student’s mentor for the school year. These mentors range from multiple different type of professions in the business world such as Consulting, Finance, Marketing, Accounting, Operations & Logistics, and so on. Through the school year, students will have the opportunity to learn from the mentor on what it takes to work in the industry that they are interested in. Examples include a mock interview, resume advice, career advice, jobs to look into, etc. Applications to be a part of this program will be due at the end of the month of September!

Upcoming Involvement Opportunities

Applications to be a EMP Mentee will be due at the end of the month of September. We will accepting roughly between 40-50 students.

Any questions?

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