External Conferences, or ExCO, is a CUS service that allows students to attend external conferences based on their interests and academic pursuits without heavy financial burdens holding them back by subsidizing conference and travel expenses. An external conference is a value-added conference, competition, or event that is not operated by the Sauder CUS or by any subsidiary organization of the UBC AMS. The overarching goal of ExCO is to provide Sauder students with unique opportunities that will equip them with a wealth of new knowledge and connections and, above all, enrich their Sauder experience.  

Upcoming Involvement Opportunities

This year, ExCO is looking for hardworking and passionate people to join the team as we strive to reach more students in new, innovative ways in order to enrich the academic journeys of as many Sauder students as possible! As a member of the ExCo team, you would be engaging with an opportunity to gain a plethora of connections, accumulate a wealth of knowledge, be part of a supportive community, and get involved in a service that helps us build each other up for all of us to achieve greater things at Sauder. We are currently hiring for brand ambassadors to help extend the reach of our service, so send an application our way if you want to help Sauder students reach greater heights.If you are looking to use the ExCo service, we are also always open to applications for conference subsidies. Currently, we are offering to subsidize 100% of up to two virtual external conferences this school year given the situation surrounding COVID-19, so be sure to scout around for some interesting events!

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