CUS Elections

CUS Elections


CUS Elections Committee is responsible for organizing the CUS Elections and voting procedures, as well as providing information, support, and encouragement for those who may be interested in running for a CUS position. Our mission is to enhance the engagement between electoral candidates and students to create a more cohesive community within Sauder. Two First Year Representatives, one Third Year and two Fourth Year Representatives will be elected by your own peers this coming fall, and one of them could be YOU! This fall, Sauder will also be electing a CUS President! This is your opportunity to utilize your individual strengths and talents while meeting new people and taking a part in one of the largest business school organizations in Canada! If running for a position is not up your alley, we encourage you to actively participate by educating your vote and voting for your very own CUS PRESIDENT and CUS YEAR REP this October! If you would like to learn more about these opportunities or would like to have a chat, don’t hesitate to reach out on our social media platforms. Make sure to also stay connected to win fun prizes in the future!

Upcoming Involvement Opportunities

September Elections Involvement Opportunities

1 CUS President (4 month term)

The CUS President is responsible for chairing all Executive Council meetings and supervising and directing the duties of the Executive Council as well as the Board of Directors. The President acts as Spokesperson for the CUS and maintains relations with key Sauder School of Business contacts. He/she coordinates with the Alma Mater Society Representative to maintain relations, communications and representation of the general membership of the CUS to the AMS.

2 First Year Representatives (Full year term)

1 Third Year Representative (4 month term)

2 Fourth Year Representatives (4 month term)

Year Representatives are responsible for representing the opinion and position of their respective constituents while adhering to the mission of the CUS. They attend all CUS Board of Director meetings and actively participate in the committees of the Board of Directors. They are responsible for interacting with their peers and addressing their needs when bringing their concerns to the attention of the Board. More Board of Director positions to be elected in January!

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